How to Make The Most of Your Maternity Leave


So it has been settled that having a baby is one herculean task. What’s even harder though is the never-ending work that comes after your delivery. Your maternity leave is no holiday, contrary to popular (and sexist) belief. There’s a lot of chaos because of the number of things that need to be done and how tough it is to balance them all. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered on how to make the most of your maternity leave and make sure you’ve covered all bases with no regrets or last-minute confusion.

Listing down tasks that need doing before your leave ends

There are a lot of preparations you need to make for your baby for when you need to go back to work. It’s always best to sit down and make a list of everything that needs doing, because the amount of work you will have on your hands will ensure you will forget a lot of things.

Make sure you place this list where it’s easy to view instead of filing it away. The refrigerator is a fantastic space to put this. It’ll keep reminding you that there’s stuff you need to get done and you can make sure you stay on schedule.

Make baby-sitting back-ups

Of course, you already have in mind someone who will be taking care of your baby while you are at work. But more often than you might realize, unexpected issues pop up and the care-giver is unable to make it. In this situation, you should have a couple of people who might be available to take care of your child. This could be a family member or a trusted babysitter. You don’t want to go around looking for replacements last minute and risk not getting one, or worse, someone who might be a risk.

You can invite them over a few times during your leave to familiarize them with your baby and vice versa.

Finish a book or a TV series

When you’re working, it can be tough to find time to indulge in a book or show you’ve been meaning to get through for a while. But once you have a baby and work, it’s next to impossible. So seize the few sporadic hours you will get for yourself and get started on whatever you’ve been delaying. You wont be able to do this for a long, long time.

Pamper yourself

Among all this chaos, it’s important to ensure you take care of yourself. Sleep deprivation and exhaustion is all part of the package but there is no reason you shouldn’t allow yourself some perks to keep the balance.

Indulge in pedicures, online shopping, your favorite food, or anything that helps you feel better during this time. Spoil yourself because you deserve it.

Bold hairstyle

Is there a gutsy haircut or hair color you’ve been wanting to try but been too scared to for any reason? People might hate it, it may not suit you, it’ll look unprofessional? Now is the time to try it out? Get on chopping, dyeing and styling because Carpe Diem is the real key to any maternity leave. And that doesn’t just apply to work you need to get done, it also applies to you.


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