Help Your Child Improve Focus


It can be a tough feat getting your child to focus on important tasks that need to be done. Whether it’s homework or chores like cleaning his room, you’ll often run into trouble with distractions. Your child will be eager to pay attention to anything that isn’t the task at hand. This is especially common in children aged 5-7.

So, is this normal? And how can you get your child to focus?

Yes, children having trouble with focus is completely normal. Its important to remember that the world is an exciting and overwhelming experience for kids and it can be easy to feel awed or bored by different things.

Concentration is like a muscle or a habit. It needs to be worked regularly to develop. So, remember: determination and consistency are key.

  1. Get rid of any distractions

Clear out the room you are working in. Get rid of any toys, pets, electronic devices, anything that could cause your child more interest than the work he needs to get done.

  1. Do one thing at a time

It can be stressful and tough to do multiple things at once. Make sure you’re only completing one task at one time and nothing else is available to do in that moment.

  1. Have a fixed work place

You want to teach your child to associate one specific space with studying. Having a dedicated work station will help your child get into studying mode.

  1. Write down the goal

Having a clear goal will help your child remember what he’s working towards and help him remember to keep going until he’s finished.

  1. Break down the task

One big task can overwhelm your child. So, we suggest you break it down into smaller parts. Write down the steps if possible. Praise your child after each step has been achieved.

  1. Distractions are inevitable

It’s impossible to completely eliminate distractions. Your child will end up getting bored, or feeling tired of working. Allow him to take a break, get a snack, maybe play a game, before he can get back to work.

If he’s getting distracted too frequently, gently pull him back into the task and remind him of the goal.

Keeping this up will definitely help improve your child’s concentration and help him focus better. But being strict and scolding him will just make him associate work with unpleasantness. So make sure you’re generous will love, patience, and praise.


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