10 Parenting Moments You Thought You Were Prepared For But Weren’t


We’ve all been there!

There is too much poop

Yes, okay, you knew there would be a lot of poopy nappies. But the amount of diapers you go through is insane! It’s too much poop!

It’s harder to sync your sleep cycle with the baby than you thought

Just sleep when the baby sleeps. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong!!

Mood swings don’t end after pregnancy

You thought that emotional roller coaster would end once you gave birth? Wrong again!

You love your child enough to swing a fist or two if anyone so much as looks at him wrong

Being protective makes sense. But the urge to stab someone when they touch your baby without washing their hands first is hard to curb.

Crying for no reason

Bet you thought we were talking about your baby (that too though)! But nope, we’re talking about you. Parenting can get so frustrating, everything ends up building up and out it all comes at a rare moment of weakness.

There’s no limit to the amount of times a toddler can call to you

They will say mommy, yell mommy, sob mommy, screech mommy, and will do it over and over and over.

Setting an example for your child is hard

Being a role model for your kid is a trying task. Sometimes you just don’t want to eat your greens! You just want to sit back, relax and eat a whole box of chocolates. And you really miss swearing colorfully when the situation demanded it.

Sometimes you just wanna give up

Would it be so bad if you gave away your child to your sister, got on a plane, and traveled the world instead?

You have to laugh at terrible and repetitive jokes

You’ve probably laughed at the same boring knock knock joke at least 5 times. But you’re gonna keep doing it. Something about building your child’s self-esteem and being nice. God.

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