How to Pack Away the Pacifier in the past


There comes a point in every child’s life when parents decide a pacifier is no longer needed. You might it difficult to wean your child off the pacifier. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it can be quite quick and smooth with a few simple tips.

  1. Restrict pacifier times

If your child is able to access her pacifier whenever she likes, it’s a good idea to start restricting it to bed time only. Or other times you feel fit.

  1. Use distractions

When your child feels the need to ask for her pacifier, use distractions to take her mind off it. Do a fun puzzle together, tell her a story, or sing her a song.

  1. Provide alternatives

Often children just like having something in their mouths to stay busy with. Provide fun alternatives such as blowing bubbles or drinking a healthy drink with a straw.

  1. Keep away from triggers

Keep track of whether your child asks for a pacifier in certain situations. Does she want it when she’s nervous, upset, or scared? Reduce such situations as much as possible while she kicks the habit.

  1. Reward your child

Every day that your child goes without the pacifier, give her a small reward! This could be ice cream or anything else that your child likes. But do this after a few days into weaning. Children cannot go without pacifiers immediately.

  1. Be loving and patient

It’s important to remember to be gentle. All children kick the habit on their own pace. Remember to hug them, and avoid getting frustrated if they’re taking time putting the pacifier away.

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