Here’s How You Can Discipline Your Toddler The Right Way

God knows, they've had it coming!


Disciplining your toddlers can be quite a task. Babies are not born with social skills or even the basic knowhow of right or wrong. They have to be socialized into these things. This is why it is important to monitor how they behave and teach them every step of the way.

Here are a few ways you can discipline your toddlers:

  • Choose your battles wisely: In order to discipline your children, prioritizing their behavior plays a major role. Telling them off 10 times a day on the same thing will not produce desired results. In order to make them listen to you, prioritize what behaviors can be ignored and what behaviors need to be handled on the spot. Once they realize that a certain situation isn’t triggering you, they will eventually learn to stop doing it.
    5 Tips to Discipline Your Toddlers 1
  • Use short statements: Instead of explaining things to them in long sentences as to why what they’re doing is wrong, just say ‘this is wrong’ or ‘stop it’ or ‘no hitting/throwing’ etc. This is a much more effective method.
  • Distract them: Distracting and redirecting your toddlers is a habit that every parent has to eventually take up at least a thousand times a day. Distracting them from doing something they shouldn’t be doing into doing something they should be doing. They will eventually go back to try doing what they were doing before you redirected them but this will eventually help them realize that they shouldn’t be touching or playing with that specific thing.
    5 Tips to Discipline Your Toddlers 2
  • Consequences/Cause and effect: Children need to understand what consequences are. If they do something, there will be a reaction to that action. So, if your child cries to eat some cake for dinner one night, you let them, and then give them a consequence later that day by keeping them from getting their way again, so they understand the severity of what they and that it can have consequences.
  • Don’t shout, change your tone: You don’t need to shout at your kids to make them understand or hear you. Changing the tone of your voice is more than enough to make them understand how serious the situation is.

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