How To Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Because if you don't, who will?


Shattering a child’s self-confidence and damaging his self-esteem is easier than you think. You can do it unknowingly and unintentionally since there is a fine line between discipling your child and limiting him/her. However, worry not. We have listed down a number of effective measures you can employ to ensure your child’s confidence is being nurtured positively.

Don’t solve all their problems for them

Children need to able to understand how to solve certain problems on their own. If the parent is always around and forever ready to rescue, the child may never learn how to tackle everyday situations which can hinder his future growth.

Encourage effort, no matter the outcome

Whether your child wins a race or loses one, creates a masterpiece or something completely opposite, the effort behind the task is what needs to be lauded. This way your child will begin to understand how the journey is sometimes the most important component of success and not the final destination.

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Compliment appropriately: not too much, not too little

Compliments are easy to pass around. But have you ever considered the fact that you could be overdoing it? Too many compliments, that are not entirely true or necessary, may set your child up for a harsh reality-check outside the home. Conversely, when compliments are warranted, do not be stingy with them.

Let them ask questions

We tend to get annoyed when our children ask too many questions but what this really shows is how inquisitive they are and how open they are to learn. Don’t hinder their process.

Set attainable goals

Goals are good. But goals that are too ambitious may leave your child feeling unaccomplished and demotivated. Set a series of smaller goals that will help your child keep moving forward with a renewed sense of accomplishment at every step.

How To Build Your Childs Self-Esteem 2

Allow them to analyze their mistakes, to see where they went wrong

Mistakes are inevitable. So the best thing to do is to encourage your child to revisit them and see how he/she could’ve done it differently.

New life experiences

Your child should be made aware of the fact that the universe is a gigantic pool with lots of different faucets. Exposure to each of these faucets will allow him/her to confidently cope with them as grown up.

Open them up to the concept of helping

Encourage your child to help out with household chores instills in them a sense of responsibility. In the process, they also learn to appreciate the kind of work that goes into running a home.

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