Fatherhood: The Work Vs Home Dilemma


As fathers become increasingly involved in raising their kids, many are found struggling between work responsibilities and children responsibilities. It can be a tough act to maintain both. Is it possible to find a healthy balance? Yes, with some shifting around, reminders, schedules, and rules, you can give both work and your children a suitable amount of time.

Talk to your boss

One of the most intimidating but effective strategies is to actually speak to your boss and talk about the new baby. Chances are he or she will be sympathetic to your situation and will relax your work responsibilities. If your workplace is not a toxic one, you can even push for a paternity leave or more flexible hours.

Use a planner

Whether it’s an app or a notebook, planners can work wonders for your time. It helps you approach your tasks in a more proactive way, saving you from making last minute decisions regarding priorities and work that needs to be done. You’re also more mentally prepared for what’s coming and can make preparations in advance instead of chaos or bickering at home.

Reevaluate your priorities

If you’re a workaholic, it’s important to relearn your priorities now that you have a baby. If you want to maintain a good balance, and be a present father, it’s time to rework how you see your life and what you see as important. Family needs to take priority over work most of the time.

Have dinner at home

Make it a point to be home for dinner. When you mentally assign a slot of time for your family, you automatically work to ensure you’re there for it. This will create some quality time for the entire family and will show your willingness to be involved with your kids.

Make rules

Give your new life a look and see what rules you want, to make sure you can maintain the balance. One of these could be leaving work at the office. If you bring your work home, it won’t do your home life any favors. Another rule could be Sunday is a family only day. Of course, these are different for everyone. You must find what works best for your dynamics and schedules.

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