10 Quick Parenting Tips to Raising Healthy Kids

  1. Parents must respect each other

Research shows that children whose parents get along are more successful in different areas than those whose parents fight often. If you have a disagreement or conflict, deal with it in private.

  1. Admit when you are wrong

One of the most damaging things to children is when parents make a bad decision but refuse to admit they are wrong. Show your kids that there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your mistake and apologizing for it. No one is perfect and everyone is growing.

  1. Value your children’s input

Your child is an important part of the family, and its important that they know their feelings matter. Instead of dismissing their input, acknowledge and encourage it.

  1. Talk about internet safety

This is an important conversation in todays day and age. Let them know that once something is online, it will not remain a secret. So they should be careful about what they share and who they share it with.

  1. Use more positive reinforcement

If you encourage good behavior more than you reprimand bad behavior, you’re likely to see more progress. Studies show that children learn quicker when they’re taught with love rather than when negative consequences are involved.

  1. Teach them how to give

The power of kindness and giving has resulted in happier children. Teach them that value of caring for those in need.

  1. Make peace with your child’s abilities

Every child is different and grades are not everything. There is no need to attach unrealistic expectations to your child’s academics or hobbies.

  1. Develop a reading habit

Getting your children to read is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is find them the type of book they’d find interesting. Does your child like birds? Or mysteries? Indulge them. This will be a habit that will benefit them in the future.

  1. Set rules

While these rules shouldn’t be harsh, it’s important to have some structure and restrictions in life to effectively prepare for regular life. Have a regular bed time, and a curfew.

  1. Don’t stifle individuality

This is last, but far from the least. The last few generations of parents have withheld love when children deviate even slightly from the mold we’ve assigned them. But it is impossible for children to fit our ideas and beliefs of whom they should be. Love them regardless of how different they are.


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