5 Counterproductive Disciplinary Approaches


In Pakistan there are a number of disciplinary techniques that have been in practice for decades. they run in our blood and we can’t imagine most households without such methods. However, research shows some of these techniques are resulting in harm rather than discouraging the behavior in question.

Her here are some approaches that are counterproductive and should be put to rest as soon as possible.

Hitting your child

If there is one thing that has been completely normalized in Pakistan, it’s hitting your children. When we hear a child was hit, we often don’t think twice. In fact, it’s more of a running joke at this point.

But studies show that it can actually expose your child to an increased risk of mental health concerns and encourage violent behavior since children imitate adults.

The occasional gentle whack isn’t really all that harmful but research shows that anything more than that will not help with discipline.

Using chores as punishment

While this may seem like a safe, non-violent way to punish children, it’s not as harmless as it sounds.

When you punish your child by giving them chores, you’re essentially conditioning them into seeing chores as a thing they must avoid at all costs. By giving them such an unpleasant view of chores, you’re programming them into hating working around the house, cleaning up their room, doing the dishes, etc. this will lead them into not wanting to do these things at all.

Chores should be turned into a fun family activity instead of a consequence for something bad!

Public humiliation

Pakistani parents often don’t care where they are or who they are around when disciplining their child. The amount of times people see children being yelled at or slapped in public or in relatives houses is too much.

There’s also a growing trend of parents making Facebook posts to shame their child as a consequence.

Instead of discouraging your child’s behavior, this will cause the child anxiety, embarrassment, and will make him resent you. He might act out in other ways. So this isn’t the best technique out there. We strongly encourage making the effort to deal with such matters in private.

Parenting takes a lot of learning and effort. But to take the time out to ensure it’s done right makes all the difference in the world.

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