10 Signs You’re Ready To Have A Baby


Sometimes you just know you want a baby. Other times you need to look for obvious signs you might be missing! Are you ready? Here are 10 symptoms to look out for!

  1. You cant stop watching baby videos on the internet and AWWW-ing

Sure most people watch baby videos. But they’re not doing it as often as you. And they definitely aren’t feeling as strongly either!

  1. You’re more than happy to take care of babies at any event.

You don’t even mind changing a diaper or two! You just wanna take care of a baby!

  1. Suddenly the pet you claim to be the parent of doesn’t feel as fulfilling.

You love your cat Fluffy. But she is not your human baby. And you kinda want one.

  1. You find yourself making mental notes of how to go about things if you had a baby

You catch yourself thinking that spare room could be the nursery and your sister could let you have her baby’s crib since he’s outgrown it now.

  1. Baby showers are your new favorite get-togethers

Those cute baby cookies are too cute! But your favorite part is unwrapping the baby presents!

  1. You find any excuse to run to the baby shops when you’re at the mall.

You’ll just browse for your coworker’s new baby, you tell yourself. But you know the real reason you’re here is that you just love looking at tiny baby boots!

  1. You try to figure out if your financial position will allow a baby.

You might have to dip into your savings a little bit but that’s okay, right?

  1. Your Pinterest has a baby board

Of course, you only meant to save a few ideas initially. But it quickly got out of hand and now you have an entire board!

  1. You start thinking of possible baby names

You even find yourself googling the meaning of the baby names you like!

  1. You’re reading this article right now

If you’re here right now, it means you’re definitely thinking about having a baby!

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