What’s Making Three And Six-Year-Olds Aggressive?

Seriously, what do they have to be angry about? Turns out, quite a lot.


It is very common for children to become aggressive. Sometimes, they may forcefully grab toys from their classmates. Other times they may hit, scream or throw a tantrum. Between the ages of three and six is when children start absorbing everything around them. They learn new skills and are trained to speak complex sentences. This causes frustration in children which can then lead to occasional outbursts.

Why do children aged 3 to 6 usually get aggressive 1

Usually at this age, children start school and spend more and more time away from home. If the child feels resentful or neglected during this time, it may generate feelings of aggression and retaliation.

Why do children aged 3 to 6 usually get aggressive 2

However, sometimes a tantrum can just be a result of a child feeling tired or hungry after a long time and not being able to express that. Whatever the reasons for their aggression may be, parents can find solace in knowing that the child will eventually outgrow this phase.

Your child will soon transition into the problem-solving phase as he/she gets older. So don’t worry!

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