Parenting Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


Parenting is far from the easiest thing on the planet. Kids are always up to something, and can be hard to keep up with constantly. So here are some parenting hacks that will make your life easier!

  1. Pacifier to give medicine

Is your child fussy about medicine? Feeding medicine to a sick baby can be a task and a half. So just pop some into his pacifier, preferably with a dropper. He’ll make faces but chances are he’ll gulp it down.

  1. Rubber band your locks to prevent your child locking himself in

The stats for children locking themselves into a room are way too high. It’s especially risky if it’s in the bathroom. So what you can do is get a thick rubber band, hook it into the doorknob, stretch it, give it one twist over the latch, and hook it into the doorknob on the other side.

  1. Spray bottle to cool down car buckles

Seatbelt rules are of course a no-brainer. But the buckles can become quite hot in the hot Pakistan sun. So use a small bottle to spray them with water and make sure they don’t hurt your child.

  1. Use a drop of honey to quiet a crying baby

Some days things are just way harder and having a crying baby on your hands makes everything a lot more difficult. We don’t recommend using this regularly. But if you need just a few more minutes to get your work done, rub some honey on your baby’s gums to keep him satiated while you finish!

  1. Take your baby for a drive

Again, this works wonders for a crying baby (and the parent). If you just need to relax but the baby wont stop being restless, pop him into the car seat and go for a short drive. Chances are your baby will calm down.

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