It’s Not Easy Being a Mother

The harsh realities of motherhood


Seeing your growing belly, no one’s going to tell you about the hardships that motherhood brings along. Of course, being a mom is amazing. It’s a feeling that cannot be compared or explained in words. It’s indeed nature’s biggest blessing bestowed upon you. But it doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to the harsh realities of motherhood.

For some mothers – especially the first timers – it doesn’t turn out to be what they were expecting at all. Of course, you will love your kid beyond measure, but accepting motherhood and everything it comes with is difficult, especially in the first few months.

Like the television commercials you see, all you dream about is bringing a child into this world, who’s always happy and chirpy and playing around doing goo-gaa. No one’s ever going to tell you or show you how moms have to deal with crap covered hands.

The first few months are overwhelming. They will be the most difficult ones to deal with. Being a mother won’t be easy. To fulfill your responsibility as a mother, you need to put in some real hard work.

There are no tangible awards for the work you do. In fact, be ready for some real criticism on how you are failing as a mother and doing all the wrong things.

But here’s the thing. If you are really looking for a reward, there it is: your happy, healthy baby!


There will be instances when you will feel sick and tired and you will break down and cry your heart out. If that sounds like you, it’s okay. You must if you really need to. Instead of feeling guilty about not being able to control your emotions, it’s best to let it out instead of keeping it all in.

Give it all some time. Take your time to bond with your baby. Cherish the memories. Feel great. Set aside all the work, chores, and responsibilities for a later time. For now, focus on yourself and this new relationship you’ve just been blessed with.

If you want to get through life, it’ll help if you focus on the positives. But sometimes, it’s also important to be honest with yourself.

Yes, it’s not easy being a mother but every struggle is worth it!

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