Diaper Hacks


All parents at some point will be stuck in a sticky diaper situation with their baby! So here are a few diaper hacks we’ve gathered to get you out of a tight spot!

  1. Carry a portable diaper changing station with you

For those times outside your house they don’t have a diaper changing station, especially in the men’s bathroom. All you need is a thick plastic sheet or a plastic pad and you can spread it wherever you find an appropriate spot. This also ensures your baby doesn’t catch any germs that might not be his!

  1. Learn how your disposable diaper works

Disposable diapers come with many cool features that parents can often overlook.

There is a strip running down the diaper which indicates just how wet the diaper is so you know when to change it! It changes color once it’s wet!

Another cool thing that diapers have are the stretchy ruffles at the edges that help prevent leakage. When you’re putting on the diaper, unfold these outwards so any messes can be prevented!

  1. Prevent spontaneous peeing post diaper removal

Ever been caught in the line of peeing as soon as you remove a diaper? Now you need to clean up yourself and the baby!

This usually happens because of the sudden change in temperature after you take off the diaper. So before taking it off, wipe the baby’s tummy with a cool wet wipe and give it a minute. Hopefully this should solve the problem!

  1. Buy diapers in bulk to save money

This is a trick that many people use. If you buy in bulk, it can helps save a lot of money on diapers. A lot of shops and website offer discounts or coupons on bulk diaper buying.

But be careful not to buy the newborn size in bulk because your baby will outgrow that pretty fast!


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