What to do when your child starts talking back?

Dig deeper into the cause...


One day, your 6 to 8 year old will start talking back to you when you least expect it. If you ask him/her if they are ready for bed, a sassy “whatever” will be the reply.  Since when did your child start displaying such attitude?

There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes children are just testing limits of what they can get away with. Or it could run deeper: they may be feeling peer pressure at school or may have trouble adjusting to a new teacher and the sassiness is merely reflecting that.

One major factor for talking back is also when children express anger, fear, frustration and hurt. Talking back gives them attention and a little attention is better than none.

Behavior issues are apparent during times of transition, for instance, if you have started spending less time at home or if your attention is more focused on a new baby. It is common for parents to get irritated with such behavior, but a better course of action is to find out what exactly is bothering the child and to teach the child to express emotion is a more suitable way.

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