5 Activities You Can Do With Your Child Right Now

Tips to make quality time fun!


Parents are always on the go. Even though you are constantly caring for your child by feeding them, cleaning after them or running errands for them, it may seem like you’re not spending enough quality time with them. Children, by nature, require a great deal of attention and there’s nothing they want more than to spend time with a parent where they are playing and simply having fun.

There are a ton of creative ideas available on the internet when it comes to DIY projects. But that’s a task for another day when you have plenty of time to prep and clean up after. For a regular day marked with school runs and all, you can try these basic but constructive activities at home.

Bring Out The Art Supplies:

This is the simplest activity for you to enjoy together. Be it paints, crayons, color pencils or stamps, children love art. Tape together a few pieces of paper and create a large canvas. Now go wild! Try finger painting, vegetable stamping, simple brush strokes or whatever your child and your own inner child feel like creating, go for it! Don’t forget to sprinkle with glitter after you’re done to add the extra sparkle. If you like what you’ve created, cut out small pieces of the artwork and have it framed.

Play A Dance Tutorial On YouTube:

Parents have a strict rule against YouTube and rightly so. But once in a while, if used appropriately, it can be an extremely enjoyable activity for you and your child. There are a large number of dance tutorials out there, ranging from ballet to the infamous floss. Choose one you are bound to enjoy and then continue to have fun attempting the moves! Don’t shy away from challenging yourself a little.

Dinner Prep:

It may be hard to entertain your child while worrying about getting dinner on the table. Involve them! On easier days, have your child set the table. Or have them with you in the kitchen. While you make the chapatis, they play with the dough and roll out shapes of their own. Stirring, mixing, tossing, you may be surprised at how happy they get by just having the chance to help out.

The Wacky Races:

Three-legged race! Egg on a spoon! Hop Scotch! These races are what childhood is made of. Simply head outdoors and participate in one o these fun races with your kid. Hop to the finish line, set up a simple obstacle course or just play cheerleader while your child sprints from one end to the other, you will have a blast and your child will be nice and tired by the time you’re done. Win-win!

Treasure Hunt:

Pick up a few everyday items with your child: a book, a toy, etc. Ask them to look away while you hide them in easy enough places and then have your child go on a treasure hunt. If you want to make it more fun, plot out a simple treasure map for you and your child to follow together.

Hope you enjoy these ideas!

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