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My Toddler

The transition from a baby to a toddler is a very exciting phase for both you and the toddler. Recall that minute, adorable hooman you gave birth to a year ago? They have doubled in size since.

Your one year old

Is now showing enthusiasm for crawling and in the next few months, they will be able to move on their knees. Key here is not to rush things; let your toddler adapt to their surroundings. Also, your toddler is better adept at communication than they ever were. P.S: they will use a lot of non-verbal communication methods, so be prepared!

Your two-year-old

Is learning to be independent, not only can they now pronounce names, they can also carry out a lot of activities. Riding a tricycle and changing television channels will not be a problem. They can dress themselves up and even manifest mood swings! Another thing you will notice is the reaction of fear to stuff like thunderstorms, dark, animals etc. But we have a solution for it, give them a tight hug!

Your three-year-old

Is ready to take on the world. At this stage, you will notice them growing all the time. At three years old, your toddler will finally be making real friends. It will be a landmark moment for them as well as you as their mother. Your little one will show more and more signs of curiosity, they will try to acquire new skills. So, it is the best time to teach them ABC!

As a mother, you should start teaching them about certain rules; such as what do traffic lights mean, why to clean hands after taking a poop etc. Do not forget to heap praise on them when they do it right. It is also the best time to teach them basic etiquette; such as table manners, and giving respect to elders. Remember, your child is still only 3 yrs. old, whatever you feed them, stays with them forever!

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