What Your Child Shouldn’t Be Eating

Don't give in … Health comes first.


Once in a while, we will all hand our children a pack of chips to get them to calm down; and that’s okay. But don’t turn this into a habit because these can’t always be substituted for a healthy, balanced meal. Nevertheless, some snacks are generally unhealthier than others. So if you’re going to opt for a pre-packaged snack, it’s better to have as much information about it as possible so you can make better choices. Here are some popular snacks that you should always avoid giving your child.

Cheese Powder Chips:

It isn’t just kids who love these chips, adults too are often caught orange-handed munching away on these super addictive chips that are covered in cheese powder. The problem with these particular chips, however, is that they not only contain large amounts of vegetable oil (like most packaged chips) but they also contain food dyes (Yellow and Red) that are believed to be carcinogens.

Breakfast Cereals:

Perhaps one of the most convenient breakfasts that are met with the least amount of tantrums, breakfast cereals are extremely high in sugar and artificial flavors. Sometimes it’s best to pick an unsweetened, high-fiber variety and add honey for sweetness.

Deli Meats :

Processed meats, including the infamous sausages, are generally unhealthy because they contain sodium nitrite. These are known to be cancer-causing compounds. Deli meats, particularly sausages, are also extremely high in sodium and fat. Plus, there’s that added mystery of the cuts of meat used which no one is interested in solving.

Snack Cakes :

If you ever take a look at the ingredients listed at the back of the packaging of these snack cakes/cupcakes, you will see that the first ingredient (used in the highest quantity) is sugar. One serving of cake can be equivalent to 10 percent of the Required Daily Allowance (RDA) for fat.

Fruit Juices:

Once again, these are unbelievably high in sugar and very low in fruit content. Better options would be plain milk, and even chocolate milk (trusted brand names). For an even healthier option, try offering coconut water to your child. They might just enjoy it.

Instant Noodles:

This much loved two-minute snack consists of high amounts of sodium, calories, fat, preservatives, artificial flavors, and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Not to mention, a higher risk of cancer and a lower rate of metabolism is found in people who consume instant noodles on a regular basis.

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