Potty Training A Boy In 7 Days

Get ready for a roller coaster of a week!


Are you wondering how you can potty train your toddler to start doing his poo and pee in his potty seat? It surely isn’t an easy job! There’ll be days when you thought you have finally achieved your goal, when you will find your little boy standing on a freshly wet carpet. Kids are unpredictable, you’ll have to take your boy to his potty seat several times in a day but he’ll still end up pooing in his diaper. With our simple tips, we can start you on your 7-day potty training journey!

  • Personalizing his potty will give him a sense of ownership, which will help him get comfortable with it. You can put up stickers of his favorite cartoon characters or by writing his name on it. Demonstrating the act through his favorite stuffed toy near him in washroom can also help him poo in his potty.
  • Bribing them with their favorite jelly or crisps can be useful. Letting them know there is certain reward for them after going on the toilet will definitely be a star trick.
  • It is super necessary for parents to keep a sharp eye on your boy’s acts whenever he needs to go to the loo. There definitely are going to be dozens of trips to the washroom in a day. But if this hectic routine helps get rid of dirty diapers, isn’t it worth it?
  • Never use pull-up pants in order to train your boy, always use cloth underwear. Pull-up pants may sound convenient but your child will never get the urge to have them changed immediately.

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