How To Help Your Kid Develop Problem-Solving Skills

They've got to learn at some point!


Kids face a variety of difficulties in their daily life starting from academics to sports. Kids who usually lack this problem-solving skill tend to avoid problems rather than solving them. They are too afraid of the outcome and this fear doesn’t let them work on it. They wouldn’t exert their energy and spend time, this is why many kids fall behind in studies at school or even a sports field. For instance, usually what happens in schools is a group of friends target one person and tease him, the kid who always avoids issues will walk out of the class instead of responding.

There are certain procedures which can help your kid become better equipped at facing these issues:

Identify the problem: At times, just stating the problem out loud can make a huge difference. Helping your kid identify the problem is imperative. Give him the confidence that’s it’s okay to have problems in life and avoiding them isn’t the solution.

Develop at least five possible solutions: Work with your child and help him generate ideas and just don’t stick to one, instead encourage them to generate multiple ideas so that at least one of them will resolve the issue at hand.

Identify the pros and cons of each solution: After different solutions have come to light, evaluate the possible pros and cons of the ideas. If it’s high on the pros side, teach them to go ahead with it. 

Pick a solution: Once all the pros and cons are figured out, pick one solution and stand by it. Help them choose carefully.

Test it out: Try the solutions, give your child enough confidence that even if this doesn’t work out, he can always try another solution. This isn’t the end of the world.

Encourage your child to try creative stuff, be different. Tell them to not be afraid of pursuing their dreams. Failure is a part of life and train them to not be frightened by failure. Most parents are pretty ordinary, they want their kids to be normal and live a normal life, no. That is what’s bringing the society down. Free them from every obligation with respect to education. Let them study what they want, allow them to choose their own career path and help them reach their goals. This will forever remain in their subconscious that how their parents always supported them and never gave up. Consequently, the child will also learn to never give up.

The most important life lesson you can give your child is to follow his/her heart.

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