Childhood Stories That Empower


Times are changing and we’re becoming more aware of how we’ve been brought up with stories that haven’t promoted the ideals we aspire towards today. In fact, a quick look at the fairytales we’ve grown up reveals some alarming ideas we’ve been planting in children’s heads: girls are supposed to wait for a rich man to give them a life and financial stability, while boys are prepared take all the financial pressure of the household.

So it’s time to revamp the bed time stories we tell our children. Here is a list of empowering and beautiful lessons we can impart to our children instead of the traditional fairy tales we tell them:

  1. The Rainbow Fish

This story revolves around a fish who is initially too proud of his scales but then learns to spread happiness and value friendship over possessions and pride. It teaches children a beautiful lesson about love, care, generosity, and

  1. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

This incredible book of stories reimagines the fairy tales that girls are brought up with and gives them strong, real protagonists from around the world, past and present, such as Serena Williams and Queen Elizabeth I. It is also illustrated beautifully by female artists from all over.

  1. Matilda by Roald Dahl

This timeless classic is all about winning against all odds, books being the road to empowerment, and how being good leads to good things. Not only does it impart great lessons, it also gives the kids a big laugh while it does so!

  1. The Paper Bag Princess

In this complete twist of a fairytale, it’s the princess who has to rescue her prince from a scary dragon. Reversing the traditional princess-rescue trope reminds girls that they don’t always need to be ‘rescued’ by a man, in fact they can be the ones who save others from trouble.

It’s important to be vigilant of the sort of stories that shape our children’s childhoods because they can determine a great chunk of their thinking process as they grow older. Empowering and positive stories will help set a strong, positive foundation for your children.


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