Women: Timeless Heroes


With women’s day right around the corner, people need to be reminded of some heroes that have made a huge impact on the world around us. Women we look up to, women we hope to be like, women who saved the world in their own way.

  1. Asma Jahangir

Naturally, the first person that popped into our minds was Asma Jahangir. Nothing short of a superhero, she spent her entire life fighting for women’s rights, and minority rights. She is also the founder of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. But it doesn’t end there. She helped found and establish (along with other activists) the first women’s lawyer firm in Pakistan. She also went on to establish Women’s Action Forum which fought against the cruel laws against women.

We will forever be indebted to her for making our lives easier in Pakistan.

  1. Sabeen Mahmud

Sabeen Mahmud, human rights activist murdered in 2015, was a terrible loss. She worked tirelessly and advocated for peace, love, and freedom. She wanted to protect everyone’s right to individuality, creating the inclusive T2F café as part of her non-profit umbrella PeaceNiche.

She dedicated her life to voicing the concerns of those who were being silenced. And she will be greatly missed in this world that needs more and more people like her as each day passes.

  1. Ghulam Fatima

Known for her work against bonded labor, she has helped around 80,000 people break free of this slavery. She has set up her organization Bonded Labor Liberation Front and Freedom Centers so that she can continue to help anyone that needs it through protection and legal counsel. In 2015 she was awarded the Clinton Global Citizen Award for her services.

Despite endless threats to her life, she pushes on, serving humanity in ways we need most.

  1. Nighat Dad

An activist we desperately need in the world of today, Nighat Dad is dedicated to spending her life protecting women from online harassment and abuse. She is a lawyer by profession, using legal means to hold abusers accountable. In addition to several workshops on online harassment, fighting cases for women in trouble, and setting up a panel of lawyers working pro bono for victims, she set up Digital Rights Foundation. It is an non-profit organization existing purely for women who are dealing with any sort of cyber harassment.

She has become a refuge for many women dealing with abusive men online.

We owe the women in our life so much. Our freedom, our rights, our mental peace, someone to look up to. Don’t forget to thank the women in your life who have fought for you, and given you hope.

Who are some of the women you consider your heroes?


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