The Best Equipment for Your Baby

Baby proofing? Or something like that


Baby shopping starts even before the baby arrives. This is because there are many things you have to consider buying for your child’s comfort.

Here’s a checklist for you to tally yours with so you can make sure you’re not missing anything:

  • Big Bed: Consider buying a big crib for your baby so they have ample space to relax and stretch while they sleep. It also makes it easier for parents to place the crib right next to their own bed so they can easily check up on crying babies or attend to breastfeeding needs during the night.
  • Pillows: Soft and small pillows come in handy not only for the baby but also for the breastfeeding mom when holding the baby. These pillows can be used for all kinds of support around the neck, for the back, to support the baby’s head and for leg support when nursing the baby lying down. There are also specifically designed nursing pillows for babies.

The Best Equipment for Your Baby 2

  • Baby Sling: Baby slings can be very useful when the mother has to nurse the child or when she has to constantly hold the baby when out for work or shopping. This is also known as ‘wearing’ your baby.


  • Footstool: Footstools are there to support your legs and relieve some pressure on your back when nursing the baby. A footstool also helps with raising the level of the baby for a more comfortable breastfeeding position.


  • Changing Table: Since babies poop around the clock, changing their diapers, bathing and dressing them is a constant struggle. Having a changing table around the house, or in a few rooms, can help you change and dress your baby comfortably on a high table without getting any of your furniture messy or dirty.


The Best Equipment for Your Baby 1

  • Baby Car Seat: This is a must-have. Holding a baby your lap while sitting in the front-seat or buckling them at the back with the seatbelt can be dangerous. A baby car seat keeps your child locked and secure in their seat, with the seat belt securing the car seat for extra precaution.

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