Safe Ways to Speed Up Labor


We’ve all heard stories about labor going on for hours, even a whole day! Sometimes labor is just a painful, stretched out experience, and there’s nothing left to do but wait until your body and your baby are ready.  But who wants a long labor? Not only does it hurt but you’re also excited to meet your baby!

In some cases, there are ways to give your labor a little push in the right direction and speed it up a little. Here are a few tips that will help you get through your extended labor pains faster!

  1. Take a walk

We know it’s hard to walk around with a pregnant belly and mild labor pains. But walking around or using the stairs may cause the baby to get into position closer to the pubic bone. This will let your body know that the baby is ready to come out and your labor will jump to the next stage.

  1. Try and reduce stress and anxiety

Often, stress can delay the progress of labor. So, if you’re stressed out and worried, try and create relaxing surroundings. Surround yourself with people that care about you and can soothe you. Ask them to distract you or say nice things that’ll help alleviate your stress.

  1. Take a long bath

Not only will this help push your labor along its way, submerging yourself in a warm bath will relax you and help you with any intense, painful contractions. Stay in the water until you feel calm.

  1. Speak to your doctor about manually breaking your water

In some cases, absolutely nothing is helping and the pain seems to be going on forever. In a situation like this, ask your doctor if it is a good time to manually break the water and induce birth. He/she will let you know if the baby is ready for that, and then you can be done with it and be holding your baby in your hands in no time!

Mommies are truly hardcore for going through this entire body crushing process and still standing on the other side!

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