Work Better Together As A Parenting Team


One of the most important things for a family is parents working together as a team. Things can go south for both, the children and the parents, if there’s no synchronization. To turn your team into a well oiled machine, you can use the following tips and expect great results!

Communicate and Appreciate

Two of the main things required to build this successful team are communication and appreciation.

Create a safe space between you two where the other partner can express themselves. Value each other’s feelings, and address the not-so-pleasant feelings. What can you do to make your partner feel better? What can be shifted to suit their needs? This of course needs to be reciprocated by both. Balance is vital.

Appreciate your partner for the part they are playing in the work that goes into the children. Is your partner packing them lunch regularly? Waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby? Acknowledge their effort and appreciate them for it. This shows you value them and the work they’re putting in. It motivates them and keeps you both in high spirits.

Make disciplinary decisions beforehand

One massive issue that often arises between parents is the different ways they decide to approach a situation. When parents doing agree on an approach, it causes a rift between them and can also confuse children. This doesn’t just harm the relationship, but it can also cause your child to not learn from the situation.

Partner up and discuss what you both feel is the best approach. Talk it out, compromise, and ensure its gentle but firm. If a situation that you are not familiar with comes up, discuss it alone first.

Don’t disagree in front of the children

This can greatly weaken your team. If you contradict your partner in front of the children, it can come across as you two not supportive of each other. Your children need to know you both are on the same page and are working together. This can result in children looking to one parent to ask permission, etc while not valuing the other parent’s decision.

If you don’t like something that your partner is doing, approach them privately later, or take a break and address it immediately but discreetly. Let your children know you are one unit and will not be divided and conquered.

Coordinate over a shared calendar app

The biggest favor you two can do for yourselves is get an app on which you can coordinate schedules, babysitting times, important dates and events, and anything else you need to keep a track of. Post it’s can be overlooked and verbal reminders can be forgotten. But an app will send you reminders beforehand and you both will be prepared in time. There will be no arguments about scheduling events without your partner’s knowledge. Everything will be in order, and will run smoothly!

Working together when it comes to parenting is crucial for everyone involved. And the quicker you find your rhythm the better. Just keep at it, and you’ll get there.

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