Make up for Busy Mommies


If the baby’s arrival has cut into your sleeping time, your getting ready time doesn’t even come close to being a priority. But if you’re one of those moms who try to squeeze in some make up time anyway, we have a few quick tips for you!

  1. Pick an SPF foundation or BB cream

This takes care of your base and your skin in one go. Pair this with a concealer which will help you hide your dark circles and other blemishes. These work best if they’re liquid. It’s much quicker t blend them out with a beauty blender.

  1. Use two-in-one products

The amount of lives that tint sticks have saved is unimaginable. This works for your lips and your cheeks. Get a peachy pink shade for a gentle glow for an everyday look. You can get a bolder color such as red, for events or work meetings!

  1. Invest in dry shampoo

Washing your hair everyday can be a struggle when you have a baby to take care of. Especially when all that work can cause your hair to get greasy in no time. Pick up some dry shampoo. It will absolutely revolutionize your life!

  1. Just a touch of eyeliner

Whether you’re having a good day or a bad one, you can’t go wrong with some eyeliner. No matter what happens, some quick eyeliner will always make like you put in some work and it’ll give you a more put-together look. Who has time for eyeshadow anyway?

There are all kinds of make up hacks going around for mommies. Do you have one too? Let us know below!

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