Gross Things That Babies Do


If you’re a clean freak, a new baby can be a challenge. It’s not just poop and pee you have to deal with. It’s runny noses, motions, drool, every strange fluid under the sun. Here are 7 unbearably gross things that babies do:

  1. Put their fingers, and anything else they can fit, up their nose.

While this is common, its extremely important to take your baby to the emergency room to remove the object!

  1. Poop during bath time

Bonus points if you were bathing them in a tub and now there’s poop floating around!

  1. Drool all over everything

Half the objects in your home smell like baby spit.

  1. Lick their own snot

If you don’t get there in time with a wipe cloth, you can say hello to a new clean up method!

  1. Squelch their hands into food and eat it

Yes, they’re babies but it’s still disgusting to watch!

  1. Take stuff out of their mouth and put it in yours

And sometimes you have to be nice and swallow! Yuck!

  1. Eat things off the floor

Or off anywhere really.

They’re disgusting and a nightmare for anyone who needs cleanliness at all times. But they’re babies and we love them!

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