All You Need to Know About Water Births


While a good majority of people in Pakistan choose to deliver the baby with the doctors in a hospital the usual way, on some rare occasions, water births are also part of the process. However, there are more and more mothers looking into this option because of how many benefits it promises.

But are these benefits real? And how do water births even work? And is this something you should pursue? Let’s find out!

What is a water birth?

A water birth is the process of spending labor and giving birth in a warm pool or tub of water.

It seems to make sense when you think about how the baby has spent all of those months in a sac of warm fluids. So, it seems natural to have his transition to the outside world through a warm water.

Is it safe?

Most medical professionals say that birthing into water can expose the baby to a lot of serious complications. So, while there are successful water births out there, it’s best to trust doctors and not put your baby at risk. Most recommend that you spend your labor in the pool, but give birth dry.

What are the benefits of spending labor in the water?

While no scientific proof has been found that explicitly speaks about the benefits of water births, many moms and practitioners swear by the relief they’ve found in this process.

Water births can or may:

  • Alleviate labor pains
  • Reduce your need for anesthesia
  • Make it easier to change positions
  • Relieve stress and anxiety

If you’re considering a water birth it’s best to consult multiple doctors before doing so. We’d strongly suggest spending just labor in the water and delivering in a regular, dry space.

Water births should only be considered if you’re having a low risk pregnancy. So if you’ve had a C-section before, or if your baby is in the wrong position, or if there’s any other risk at all, it’s a good idea to skip out on a water birth and take the traditional route.

In any case, all kinds of births are a beautiful experience as long as you’re getting a healthy baby with a healthy mother. So if a water birth isn’t something you will pursue, you aren’t missing out on anything!


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