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The journey to motherhood is magical; from the frequent vomits and the headaches to the pure ecstasy of having your own offspring – it is a bittersweet experience.

Pregnancy turns the life of a mother upside down. A lot of unrealistic expectations are attached with mothers; family members and relatives expect them to bring the most perfect child into this world.

Such expectations can take a toll on mothers and they often spiral into depression (as if being pregnant itself was not hard enough). But thankfully, as humans, we all have our coping mechanisms. During pregnancy, it is the role of your partner to keep your morale high and keep you believing. As soon to be mothers, we need someone who bears with our tantrums.

Early signs of pregnancy include nausea, mood swings, missed periods among others. Once your pregnancy is determined, you essentially have to look after the wellbeing two lives.

There are 3 stages of pregnancy:

1st Trimester

The first trimester lasts from the day of conception to the 12th week. During this phase, your body will undergo numerous changes, but nothing to worry about though, it is part of the natural process. Your hormones will start dictating the way you feel and react. Life would feel miserable but it will end (trust us!) Some of the symptoms of the first trimester include:


Swollen breasts (protruding nipples)

Craving for certain foods

Weight gain (in some cases, weight loss)

Mood swings

2ND Trimester

Once you eclipse your first trimester, the second will be easier to endure. You will notice nausea and fatigue go away. This stage of pregnancy will alter your physical state considerably; your baby bump will be more prominent and by the end of the 2nd trimester, you will be able to feel your baby moving! Symptoms include:

Abdomen and groin pain

Dark patches of skin around your nipples

Stretch marks

Swelling of the ankles, fingers, thighs and face

3rd Trimester

This is the last phase of your pregnancy. As your baby grows, the internal organs of your body will be under intense pressure. Problems during the 3rd trimester include difficulty breathing, frequent urination and high temperature. More symptoms include:

Swollen feet

Baby push

Shortness of breath and heartburn

Leaky breasts fluid called colostrum is secreted

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