Why Your Child Is Lying

Why is it common for kids aged 6 to 8 to lie, and how can you deal with it?


As children start growing older and become grade-schoolers, it’s common for them to start lying. What used to be innocent word twisters now become serious, sophisticated lies.  However, children lying at this age is not at all down to naughtiness but due to many developmental and emotional reasons. The good news is that at this point, children have grasped the different between right and wrong, otherwise they would not have started to lie.

Why is it common for age 6-8 to start lying and how to deal with it 1

If your child comes back from school and tells you an elaborate story about how they answered ALL the questioned on the oral quiz and got a standing ovation, or that they did a triple somersault in PE, it could be because your child is trying to get your attention. Another reason for fabricated tales could be that the child lacks confidence and needs to boost their self-esteem. Your child could also feel pressure to be good at something or to be accepted by a certain group at school.

Another reason children lie is to cover up something wrong they have done. If your child breaks the good china plate and claims they did not do it, it is to avoid unpleasantness and punishment. It important to discipline the child so this does not become a habit. However, it is important to keep calm and use this opportunity to teach your child about honesty. Find out the reason your child is covering up and try to make amends. Do not be overly harsh – instead be reasonable and tell them you love them even if they have broken the object.

Adopting a firm yet loving demeanor can lower the rate of dishonesty among children.

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