How to Help Your Child Be More Independent


We often tend to baby our children throughout their childhood. This eventually results in them growing into a passive approach to life around them. They often don’t clean up after themselves, help with household chores, and need help with everything.

To prevent this from happening its essential to make sure you develop your child in a way that makes him proactive and independent.

Make dinner a family activity

In Pakistan children often grow up watching mothers slave over the kitchen stove and serve dinner. It is never seen as a collective activity like it should be.

But most importantly, it teaches your children some basic life skills. They learn that food doesn’t magically appear on the table, someone is working hard to make it happen. And everyone should be able to complete a task as basic as preparing food to feed yourself.

Assign tasks to everyone such as cleaning the table, setting up the plates, etc. Involve them in the cleaning up process too!

Along with developing good habits, this will also turn into quality time with family for your child.

Have clean up rules for toys

Unless you want to find yourself cleaning up after your child for years, this is a very important habit to develop.

Make sure your establish some firm rules with regard to toys. For example a rule that only allows two toys at a time will not only keep things clean, it will teach your child to put things back in their place before approaching something new. This encourages them to be more organized and to be responsible for their belongings.

You can put up colorful illustrations in his playing area to as friendly reminders of the rules.

Involve your child in grocery shopping

By allowing your child to be part of your grocery runs, you’re helping him grow in a number of ways.

This is a great opportunity to teach him the difference between needs, wants, and moderation. Discuss the items that are absolutely necessary for your home and why. Talk about how junk food is more of a want, and why moderation is necessary when buying such things.

Through grocery shopping he will also slowly grasp the concept of affordability and value for money.

Bring out creative problem-solving activities

Develop your child’s critical thinking skills! There are a number of activities that will help your child push his boundaries in this area.

You can take him camping or do some out-door play. By learning to set up a tent or helping you collect firewood, he will learn critical and structural  thinking.

The same can be said for building blocks. It pushes your child to figure out balance and involves creativity at the same time.

Make sure adult supervision is provided at all times in order to ensure safety and loving guidance.

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