White Noise For Babies

White noise is a sound that helps promote sleep and calmness, especially in babies.


Ever heard of a background sound that helps soothe and settle down a baby? Commonly known as ‘White Noise’, it is a sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing in equal amounts. It helps promote sleep and calmness, especially in babies as the white noise mimics the soothing sound they heard when they were in womb.

White noise helps your baby sleep, whether he is an easy sleeper or a challenged one. A commonly used sound of ‘shh shh’ also helps your baby stay calm as it mimics a mother’s heartbeat. Whenever a baby hears this kind of sound, he tends to focus on it and relax. The surrounding environment can get really quiet for babies as they are used to spending months in the enclosed and safe environment of their mother’s womb, so whenever they hear a loud noise, they can become uneasy or over-tired as those sounds, sights or smells are unfamiliar to them which leads to them crying.

Below are some of the types of white noises helping babies sleep.

  • Shushing; mimicking the continual whooshing sound that helps baby stay calm
  • A fan
  • A white noise app; can easily be found on the internet
  • Vacuum cleaner

As a new parent helping your child soothe, it is recommended to experiment different white noises, from rain to static nature noises, to hair dryers. You should always look for sounds that you yourself find relaxing, and then try them on your baby. You need to make sure it is a sound that you don’t mind listening to, as you’ll be hearing them for hours as well.

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