Top 5 Tips For Dads To Soothe A Crying Baby

Don't stress out, focus on the basics!


Explore the basics:

There can be multiple reasons behind a baby crying that need to be investigated. Maybe your baby is teething or their diaper is wet? Sometimes people forget to focus on the basics in the stress of the moment.


Little babies always like silly things happening around them! And they are usually the simplest things. If you see your baby enjoying something you have done, you can simply keep repeating the stunt. Adding verbal statements to your funny stunts like ‘Oh, let’s do it again’ can also add more fun to these moments and divert attention from crying.

Top Five tips for Dad’s to soothe a crying baby 1

Walk around:

Walking around with a crying baby always helps them calm down. Try tapping them on their back softly, or song to them as you walk them.

Wrap the baby:

After 9 months of being ensconced in a snug womb, babies are more sensitive to cooler temperatures and may even feel insecure! Swaddling often helps babies feel safer, and of course, warmer!

The noise remedy:

Sometimes just being around the normal chatter of your home can engage your baby, and therefore distract them. If rocking, singing, and swaddling is not working, it’s time for the baby to socialize with the rest of the family!

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