Help Your Baby Deal With Separation Anxiety

5 tips to ease the situation.


While separation anxiety is something that all all babies experience, it’s natural for parents to be concerned. The fact that your baby is so attached to you is actually a good sign, however that does not make it any easier to walk away from your child or leave them with someone else who might not be a stranger to you but is one to your baby.

Here are 5 tips to help your child deal with separation anxiety:

  • Get your child used to you not being around

To help your baby understand that you will always be there, try and practice being apart in the same space in your home. Let them move around or crawl out of the room and be by themselves for a few minutes.

  • Familiarize your child with all the relatives who will be a huge part of your child’s life.

Make your baby meet your relatives while you are there. Call them over a few times over the week to get them used to being around them.

Tips on how to deal with Separation Anxiety in babies 2

  • Distract

In case you need to go somewhere, just call whoever is going to take care of your child while you’re away an hour earlier so they can distract them with toys or by playing with them while you leave.

  • Start small

It’s ideal to leave your child for as little time as possible initially. Try to keep it short, about an hour, for the first few times. This will help them get used to you not being around for longer periods later on.

  • Know that your child’s crying spell is short lived.

Do not get concerned over why your child is crying so much when you leave. It’s natural and is short lived until they see the next thing that distracts them.

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