Things You Can’t Do Once You Have a Baby


Babies are amazing, beautiful, lovable bundles of joy who we can’t live without. But parents, usually mothers, end up realizing there’s a lot that’s impossible to do once you have a baby. Like eat a meal in peace! So here are a few things you can say goodbye to once a little one is crying and crawling around.

  1. Make a phone call in peace

Want to catch up with a friend? Chances are you’ll be interrupted by a crying baby or something crashing in the other room.

  1. Take a day off

Nope, not a single day off to sit back, relax, and unwind. No matter how sick you are, no matter how stressed you are. You can’t take a sick day.

  1. Spend a day without worrying

Worrying is a regular part of your life once you have a baby. Even if you leave your baby with someone you trust 101%, you cannot entirely stop worrying.

  1. Take your time shopping

You can’t take too long if you go alone, and if you take your baby with you, you will be interrupted by diaper changes, food breaks, and just plain old agitation.

  1. Take a long relaxing bath

Need some aroma therapy with a long, relaxing bath to de-stress? Chances are, you can’t have it. Even if your partner offers to take care of the baby, you’ll stress if you hear her crying outside.

  1. Finish a book in time

With the amount of spare time you have to get any reading done, you’re not finishing your book in anything less than 2 months. If you’re lucky.

  1. Leave a drink unattended

Whether it’s because you’re scared your child will spill it onto your white carpet, will burn himself, or will drink it, you can’t just leave a drink on a surface.

  1. Follow a show regularly

Watching an episode when it’s actually aired? I think not. You follow your baby’s schedule, not the other way around.

  1. Get some decent sleep

There isn’t even more to say about this.

  1. Finish your dinner in one sitting

Not one meal goes by when it’s not interrupted by your baby’s diaper or crying.

But all this is totally worth it. Or is it?

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