10 Things Every New Father Will Relate To


New dad? Or about to become one? Either way, here are a few things you will definitely relate to!

No more me time

You knew having a baby would make things chaotic but you didn’t realize this new human would require so much attention, you’ll actually end up feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

You have no idea what you’re doing

All the other parents sound like they received a software update the second they had a baby, but you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. Don’t worry though! You aren’t alone and it’s not all as pretty as it looks. Everyone’s struggling!

Bank account is clearing out faster than a McDonald’s out of chicken nuggets

You were fully prepared for a new baby taking a hit on your bank account but nobody prepared you for all these unexpected, hidden expenses coming out from every nook and cranny! You baby budget keeps getting bigger and your bank account keeps getting smaller.

You’re more inclined to hang out with other parents

It’s still fun to hang out with your non-parent friends but you can’t always find a babysitter. So playdate-hang outs are way more appealing. And you both can complain about and discuss joys of parenthood. It’s much nicer to be with people that you can relate to regarding such a significant part of your life.

You suddenly want to be a better human being for your child

So far in life you’ve tried but you know you haven’t tried your best because some days it’s easier to slack off on things you know you need to change about yourself. But now suddenly, your baby makes you want to be a better person so she can have an amazing father. It’s time to clean up your act!

Mommy isn’t the only one with unpredictable/ overwhelming moods

Turns out being a new father is means being flooded with feelings. You’re emotional, proud, overwhelmed, frustrated, excited, and a whole range of emotions you can’t even seem to be able to word. You’re feeling so many things at once, it’s hard to keep your moods in control!

You wish there was a camera that recorded every seconds of your baby’s life

Everything that your baby does feels record worthy. Each tiny sneeze feels like the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. When her eyes follow you around, you feel immense pride. And when she manages to pull through a particularly hard poop, you’re elated. You wish you could pull some Black Mirror stuff and have your eyes record everything.

You’re scared of breaking the baby

This delicate new human is so small, so fragile, and so soft, you feel like you’ll definitely end up harming the her somehow. Despite you taking extra care when you pick her up, you’re still freaked out all the time. Don’t worry daddy! You got this!

Your wife is a warrior

You knew pregnancy and being a new mom is a tough gig but you had no idea how many difficult aspects it has to it. You’ve seen your wife go through hell and back, yet here she is, being a great new mom and dealing with a whole new plethora of tough things that come her way!

You’d do it all over again

Despite an empty bank account, constant paranoia about the baby, lack of any alone time, a non-existent sleeping schedule, and a whole lot of other less-than-ideal things, you’d do it all over again. Because when you look at your baby, you see the entire universe and you’d have it no other way.


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