Should Your Baby Or Toddler Have Screen Time?

Devices are everywhere - so will you allow your child one?


While there are several educational programs on your iPad, phone or tablet you need to understand that the light that comes from your screen will not have a good effect on your child. It will actually cause health and developmental issues. However, once your child is at least 17-18 months, it is okay for him to spend some time on your tablet.

Is it bad for your baby to watch videos or play with a phone or tablet?

It is not necessarily bad if your baby watches educational and informative programs once they are of 18 months or older. But leaving them alone to watch any online content can be harmful. Do not think of your phone as an electronic babysitter for your child.

What can too much screen time affect?

  • Language development

Remember that your child will not learn how to interact with people by watching a person on a screen. Until they are about 2 years old, your child will learn everything by watching you.

  • Social and emotional development:

Babies and toddlers only learn to socialize or connect with people by being face-to-face with their parents or caretakers but when we introduce a tablet or phone screen to them, there is no way that they will be able to form bonds with their loved ones and only get distracted.

Is screen time good or bad for babies and toddlers 1

  • Sleep problems:

It is a fact that if your child spends more time in front of a screen, it is more likely that they will get less sleep.

While these are some adverse effects of exposing your child to screen time, there are ways in which you can limit your child’s screen time too.

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