How Much Sleep Do Babies Really Need?

Work your sleep schedule around theirs! You don't have a choice.


Every new thing takes a little getting used to. So imagine what it’s like for newborn babies to adjust in the world outside their mother’s wombs. It is typical for every parent to worry about whether or not their child is sleeping enough. But always remember, a child’s sleeping pattern keeps fluctuating and changing till they reach a certain age. Moreover, it is also important for new parents to understand that every child’s nature and habits differ. So it’s completely okay if your child is not sleeping through the night. Don’t panic.

my sleeping babyHere are a few things you can try out to improve your child’s sleeping habits:

  • Set an appropriate bedtime routine by tucking them in while they’re still drowsy.
  • Talking in a low-pitched voice and keeping the lights dim can also help create the right environment for them to settle in and sleep quickly.
  • Start scheduling your child’s naps and meals at the same time every day so they adapt to the routine.
  • Once the child becomes accustomed to the routine, you’ll start to notice a change in his/her behavior.
  • According to some doctors, it is necessary for a child to not sleep too much in the afternoon. This will allow him/her to sleep more deeply at night.

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