Tips to Ensure Hygienic Conditions Around Your New Baby


The first few weeks of your new born baby are absolutely crucial. He is still getting used to the world around him, his vaccinations are still in the works, and he’s very vulnerable to this harsh environment.

But even babies older than that can be very susceptible to diseases and infections.

So here are a few things you can do to make sure you are keeping your child as safe as possible.

Wash your hands

This is an absolute given. Any parenting book will tell you that before handling a baby or his things, washing hands is extremely important. Our hands are in action all the time and can pick up a number of harmful bacteria that should be gotten rid of before we interact with the baby.

Keep all baby toys clean

Children tend to put anything and everything in their mouth. And their toys are the most likely to go into their mouths. Avoid any serious stomach bugs or something move severe by ensuring you wash the toys as often as you can.

Change diapers regularly

It can be very tempting to keep diapers waiting when the baby has just urinated just once. But the longer it lies there, the more vulnerable your baby becomes to the impurities that could potentially cause your child to fall sick. So don’t delay cleaning up your baby!

Keep a sanitizer at hand

When there’s a new baby, a plethora of guests drop by to congratulate you and hold the baby. This of course is inevitable no matter how much you want to protect your baby. So have a sanitizer right by you when someone wants to hold the baby. It’ll save your baby from a lot of germs and keep your mind at ease!

Keep your pets clean

While it’s safe to have pets around your baby, you must be extra careful now. Bathe your pets regularly. Especially when they come back from a trip outside. Use baby wipes to make sure their paws are clean, and wipe down their fur. Clip their nails to minimize the chances of them carrying any dirt.

And of course, you also need to stay as clean as possible since the baby will be interacting with you the most! Change into fresh clothes, bathe regularly, and make some beautiful memories.


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