7 Embarrassing Things That Kids Do


Children are absolutely unpredictable. And this is their worst quality when there are other people around and out comes some embarrassing behavior that you can’t explain at all. Mortified, you do whatever damage control you can, but you know that no one is buying it.

  1. Blurt out swear words

Children pick up things from their surroundings so quickly. Which is good until the word sh*t comes out of their mouths at a dawaat.

  1. Throw a tantrum

One of these can pop up any time. Your child will be screeching and rolling on the floor and there will be nothing that can calm him down.

  1. Slap someone

Now this is usually when children are still learning to control their arm movements but it often happens well after they know what they’re doing. All you can do is mutter a quick apology and get out of there.

  1. Break something

You learned a long time ago to put all delicate things out of the reach of children. But you take your eyes off your child at someone else’s house for just two seconds and you will be met with a crash and bang, and the blood rushing to your cheeks.

  1. Vomit on someone else

To be fair, it’s not like people shouldn’t expect this of babies. Every now and then they’ll burp upchuck on someone else. This is why you carry around wet wipes.

  1. Ask people for their phone

Now this isn’t super embarrassing but you’re unsure of how to respond when the other person gives you a sheepish look and politely refuses. Like, you totally understand why they might not want to give their phone! It’s fine!

  1. Run after other people’s pets

Usually children are scared and are often found staying away from pets. But if you have a curious, bold child, it can be impossible to keep him at bay and keep those fur-babies safe.

Take heart in knowing you aren’t alone! All parents have been through something very similar. And things like this happen all the time! Parenthood can be a tough journey but it does make for some funny stories later!


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