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The most immense feeling in the world is when you hold your baby for the first time. You forget all the trials and tribulations of those 9 months as tears of joy stream down your face.

You caress the little one and feel the heartbeat. Congratulations, on becoming a mother – it is the most amazing feeling only fellow mothers can relate to. However, be forewarned, it is just the start of a lifelong career, which demands diligence, unconditional love and above all, patience.

Watching your baby grow up is an indescribable feeling; from hearing the first syllables coming from their mouths, to taking the first steps – your baby will become the reason for you to live. When your baby is 1 month old, a lot of changes will become conspicuous. Research has proved that a baby at 4 weeks can differentiate voices and make noises like baa, umm, humm (which we so adore) to express themselves.

At 1 month old,

Your baby’s hearing is fully developed. You will notice how they turn their head towards a sound source. You will even notice your little one blinking or gasping in ecstasy when you sing them a lullaby. At 4 weeks, your baby’s sight is vastly improved; not only can they track moving objects, but they can see people that are far away.

At 2 months,

Your baby starts showing signs of intelligent life even more. By now, you should expect a lopsided smile! Also, your baby will become a better listener; easily discerning different voices. It is important that at 2 months, you administer your baby with various immunizations.

At 3 months,

Your baby will start acclimatizing with their surroundings. Make sure you get plenty of skin contact with your baby. It will help to bond a close-knit experience with them. This is also the time when your baby learns the relationship between cause and effect. They understand how the objects respond when they make contact with them.

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