Microwaves During and After Pregnancy


Most pregnant women and new moms are on the go constantly. It can be tough to find time to properly warm up food. So, popping your food, or baby food and milk can be quickly warmed up in the microwave. It’s a significant tool of convenience today.

But a lot of warnings surround microwaving food and its often considered an unhealthy option for babies and mothers. So let’s explore those warnings!

Does the food become harmful or radioactive?

This is a myth about microwaved food that has existed for decades. But there is absolutely no truth in it. The heat waves make the food hot by vibrating the food molecules and changing that energy into heat energy. It does not make your food harmful to consume at all!

So you can go ahead and save time during pregnancy by quickly heating up food, or even cooking it in the microwave!

Is it safe to warm my baby’s food in the microwave?

While there are no health concerns to worry about, you do need to be careful about the uneven heat distribution when heating up. There can be hot spots that can burn the baby’s lips or tongue. This will cause pain that will last for a few days. So its best to leave out the food for a couple of minutes before you feed your baby.

Although it is advised to not leave previously frozen food lying around because that is more likely to catch bacteria that could make your baby sick.

When warming up milk, please make sure the milk isn’t too hot. It’s easy to make that mistake with microwaves since they heat up the milk so fast. Check the temperature of the milk on the back of your hand before giving it to your baby.

But like other electronics, the appliance can send out harmful waves towards you. So it’s best to keep distance when it’s active!

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