Alleviate Labor Pains Easily



Labor pains are often a very intimidating part of pregnancy and giving birth. And it’s completely understandable to be scared. It has the potential to be scary and painful. But fear not! There are ways that it can be eased.

  1. Breathing

The most common way to help with labor pains is breathing. We usually see pregnant women on TV go HEE HEE HOO, but really, all you need to do is concentrate on breathing in and breathing out, whatever way feels most convenient and easy to you. You just need to make sure you inhale and exhale. If it helps, you can have your partner or a loved one coach you through it.


  1. Moving

It may be tempting to stay in one place and ride out the pain. But moving around such as walking, swaying, and changing positions, can surprisingly help alleviate the intensity of your labor pains. So if you’re sitting still, don’t. Talk a walk, but make sure you’re with another person who can physically support you if need be.


  1. Warming up

Just like when you’re on your period, and you can relieve cramps through hot water bottles and hot showers, you can ease your labor pains through some heat. The most ideal way would be to submerge yourself into a bathtub with warm water. This will also help you relax.


  1. A suitable environment

One of the best things that you can have while going through labor is an environment that helps you. Light scented candles, surround yourself with people that you genuinely appreciate and have fun with, and ensure there are distractions to keep you from thinking too much about your labor pains.

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