Exciting Things About Pregnancy


All you hear about these days is how tough pregnancy can be. But there are so many magical moments and exciting things that happen when you’re making a baby inside you! We made a list of all the exciting things about pregnancy!

  1. Everyone has to be nice to you

Nobody is mean to you because you’re in a ‘delicate’ condition and everyone knows how tough it can be.

  1. Special treatment

It’s magical how seats are vacated for you. You get priority in queues. And your husband is ready to give you regular feet massages.

  1. You can use having to pee as an excuse to get out of anything

A conversation you want to avoid? Have to pee. Need alone time at a get-together? Quick trip to the bathroom. Literally anything can be avoided through pregnancy bladder.

  1. The first ultrasound

Nothing can describe the feeling you get when you see your baby for the very first time.

  1. You can eat for two!

You’re encouraged to eat more during pregnancy. And whatever your heart craves, it must get!

  1. Naps, naps, and more naps

It’s totally justified for you to take as many naps as you need to keep yourself well rested.

  1. You get to shop a ton!

Whether its maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby gear, or cots, it’s all fun because you get to indulge in some great retail therapy.

  1. When your baby moves

When your baby moves for the first time ever, it’s a breathtaking moment. And you almost never get tired of it. It’s proof that your baby is right there.

  1. You don’t have to worry how your clothes look on you

Your pregnant belly and glow have you covered. You look beautiful no matter what you wear. You’re supposed to be looking big!

  1. Your husband turns into a father

Watching him get excited about all the baby things warms your heart. You’re with a husband and a father now!

The list goes on and on, because there are always new things to be excited about during pregnancy!

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