4 Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that generates a lot of changes in your life, some welcome, some not so much. We receive endless tips, tricks and warnings about pregnancy from the people around us and the reading we do. But here are some things that are often missed out on:

  1. Hair, nails and skin like never before

Pregnancy hormones are often paraded around caked with warnings of mood swings, cravings, weight gain, breast tenderness and other countless cons. But hardly anyone ever tells you about how they make your skin, nails and hair incredibly healthy! Your hair stops falling, your nails aren’t brittle anymore and both have a shine that could blind anyone.

Your blood volume increases, and your hormones begin to work harder with transporting essential nutrients, causing your skin to become clear, getting rid of a patchy complexion and giving you that pregnancy glow that everyone keeps going on and on about!

But be warned, this often lasts as long as the pregnancy itself and soon goes back to how it was before your uterus decided to take on a tenant for a few months.

  1. Backaches early in the pregnancy

Typically, backaches during pregnancy are associated with the later stages of the pregnancy. But the truth is your body begins to adjust and prepare itself for the birth as soon as you conceive. This means your joints and ligaments are also part of this change, causing your back to ache as early as the first few weeks in!

This can possibly get worse as your baby grows and becomes heavier, it causes your center of gravity to shift. To cope with this, you start to lean back more, causing your spine to take up positions it isn’t used to. All this causes a strain on your back muscles causing backaches that can get bad enough to hinder your mobility.

So prepare with pregnancy pillows and consult your doctor for painkillers that can help you during this trying time!

  1. It’s okay to feel scared!

There is so much pressure on moms to feel prepared and happy about being pregnant that talking about feeling otherwise is not just frowned upon, it’s almost a bit of a taboo! There is no one standard reaction to your pregnancy! Most people feel a number of emotions and they are all valid. Fear is one of them. Pregnancy can be daunting and intimidating and that’s okay! It is a very heavy experience and it’s alright to feel scared about the changes in your life, your body, and your emotions.

Its important to remember that you are not alone. Reach out to trusted friends, or look up forums for expecting moms and parents. You’ll find out your feelings are far from uncommon and are perfectly normal!

  1. It’s okay to not bond with your baby immediately

Every movie, TV series, and book paints a picture of the baby being handed to the mother right after giving birth and she smiles, feeling overwhelming love for her child, a sacred and inevitable connection.

But in real life, having a baby isn’t always as seamless. Many mothers do not immediately feel that connection and affection that the media portrays in every pregnancy scene ever. That absolutely does not mean you are not ready to be a mother or that you don’t love your child. Your bond will take time to develop and that’s a common occurrence. You love your child as much as any other mom and there’s nothing to be worried about!

Pregnancy is a life changing experience each time it happens to you. No one has the same pregnancy twice which makes every time an adventure with its own ups and downs. It’s a tough but incredible ride that sets you apart from all other humans that haven’t been through this amazing journey. So buckle up and get ready for an unbelievable few months!

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