How to Be A Supportive Husband During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an experience that is often seen as mother-centric, but this should be a significant time for both the parents. Fathers often don’t get involved not because they don’t want to, but because they’re not sure how to go about it.

Here are some things you can do to support your wife as she goes through a beautiful, but often tough time:

Go to all the appointments

It is vital for fathers to be informed on all medical angles of the pregnancy in order to ensure they’re prepared for not just every day issues, but any emergencies that might pop up. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make a list of vitamins and medicines that your wife might need. Make sure you’re aware of the changes her body will experience and what you can do to make those easy on her!

Shopping and baby gear prep

It’s not a secret that a growing baby inside someone can cause exhaustion and all kinds of aches. So the best thing you can do during this time is to be hands-on with baby shopping. It’s time consuming to pick out gear that fits your baby’s needs just right. So shopping can be very tiring for a mother-to-be, especially since so much walking is involved.

Step up, and offer to do baby shopping whenever she’s feeling up to it. Work around her schedule and comfort!

Make a hospital bag

This is one of the most important things! Do some research online, consult your doctor and wife and figure out what exactly you will need. This includes medicines, clothing (for both you, and the mommy!), baby clothes, and anything else that might be required!

In the last-minute rush to the hospital, there’s a good chance that you both will forget necessary items. Best to be prepared beforehand!

Memorize hospital routes

In a city like Pakistan, you can encounter a traffic jam any time, anywhere. In an emergency, you might need to switch routes or even hospitals! Start preparing for this and memorize the way to at least three hospitals around you that you feel comfortable with. And ensure you know alternate routes and traffic timings for all areas you will be crossing!

Don’t smoke around the mother

This is an absolute no brainer but you’ll be surprised to find out how many men dismiss something so important. Any passive smoking by the mother can harm the development and growth of the baby. So if you’re a smoker, step out for cigarettes. And even better, you can try and reduce your smoking as much as possible. The smoke manages to get into clothes and hair which can still be a risk factor!

Pregnancy is a journey that requires both parents utmost care and attention. Involving yourself in this experience will bring both of you a lot of beautiful memories, joy, and will definitely strengthen your relationship.

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