Pick Out the Perfect Pediatrician


It can be a scary and overwhelming thing to figure out which doctor will be the best for your baby. In a country where malpractice can often be found, it’s best to take as many precautions as possible. To pick the perfect pediatrician, here is a list you can use to check off the most important things.

  1. Ask for recommendations

It’s always a good idea to go for someone who you can get reviews for. It’s also a comforting thing to know a doctor has been vouched for.

A common mistake people make at this point is that they only ask for a name and hospital. This is not satisfactory information when asking for recommendations. Probe deeper; ask about his attitude, his nature, and his staff. Is he easy to get along with? Does she answer all questions parents have? Is the staff vigilant and helpful? Is there anything you should be wary of?

  1. Do a background check

Once you have a few names in mind get down to a background check. Find out where else they have worked. Google them and see what pops up.

There are no taking risks with your baby!

  1. Secure a back up

When it comes to your child, never put all eggs in one basket. Make sure you have a back up pediatrician in case things with your main one don’t work out, or if you need a second opinion. It’s always best to get a second opinion for any complications or anything that you might think is serious.

  1. Visit the doctor beforehand

See if your rhythm matches the pediatrician’s. Do you both get along? Are you comfortable with them?

It’s also important to gauge how friendly and efficient the staff is. You want to make sure you have nothing to fear or worry about with them.

  1. Figure out your doctor’s approach

Is she friendly with children? Does he prefer prevention over cure? Often doctors wait for the baby to get sick before providing a cure. But a good doctor will always tell you what precautions to take with your baby so he doesn’t get sick to begin with.

  1. Convenience

It’s important to keep the logistics of your visits and timings in mind. In a hurry, you want to be able to access your doctor as soon as you can. Does he work at a hospital close to you? What’s the best route you can take?

What are her timings? Does she work during hours you can visit after work? Or do you prefer going early morning? Make sure her timings work for you.

There can never be enough precautions when it comes to your baby. But hopefully if you take all these, you’ll end up with the perfect pediatrician.


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