Earthquake Precautions With a Baby


Thankfully, earthquakes are not an immediate threat in Pakistan. But when there’s a baby involved, it’s best to be prepared for any situation. Here we’ll tell you what precautions you need to take, what to do during, and how to make sure everything is safe after.

Precautions to take beforehand:

  • Learn first aid
  • Stock emergency food and water
  • Learn how to turn off your electricity and gas
  • Determine safe spots in your home, away from windows and any heavy objects
  • Prepare a baby bag with all essentials you might need in case you need to make a quick get away
  • Invest in a baby carrier

Steps to take during the earthquake

  • Stay calm
  • Strap your baby into your baby carrier so you have him close to you and you have your hands free
  • It is preferable to have your cell phone on you but do not go looking for it if it’s not in any easily reachable place
  • Take cover under a table or other heavy furniture
  • It is preferable to have your cell phone on you but do not go looking for it if its not in any easily reachable place
  • Stay away from lights, wires, any heavy objects, and stay under the table until the shaking stops


What to do after the earthquake

  • Make sure your baby is okay. If not, administer first aid.
  • If baby is okay, don’t immediately move. Look around first to see if anything could hurt you during and after shock
  • Grab the emergency bag and exit the building
  • Only return once the news says there won’t be any aftershocks


Hopefully you won’t ever need to apply this information. But it’s better safe than sorry!


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