10 Things Your Baby is Probably Thinking


What’s your baby thinking? Let’s find out!

  1. Oooh fresh diaper?! This is a great time to poop!
  2. What are these shiny strings hanging from mama’s head? Time rip them off and play with them!
  3. Why is daddy funny like that? Doesn’t he know how to walk properly on all fours like me?
  4. Mommy look! I can put all my toes into my mouth!
  5. Why is everyone sleeping at 3am? It’s dinner time!
  6. Look at this pretty book daddy gave me to tear apart!
  7. I’m really tired so instead of taking a nap I’ll just cry at the top of my lungs about being tired
  8. I should have stayed inside mama’s fully automated belly; these people have no idea what they’re doing
  9. I could fall asleep to a lullaby, or a story, or a feeding, or silence, or some jiggling. I don’t know which one though so I suggest you try anything and everything until I find something I like
  10. Those are a lot of planes, trains, and cars going into my tummy, daddy!

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