8 Oh No Moments When You Go Out With Your Baby


We all know how tough it is to have one night out with your baby. Here are some relatable disastrous moments to remind you that you’re not alone!

  1. When you changed him before leaving but half way through your dinner at the restaurant you smell something foul…
  2. When you drag the baby bag and the baby into the restroom and see they don’t have a changing table.
  3. When you’re finally back from changing the baby but then he starts screeching because he’s hungry. And all the other people at the restaurant whip around to glare at you.
  4. When you realize that you left the bottle at home and now will have to breastfeed.
  5. When your friend offers to take the baby while you eat but he burp-pukes all over her Khaadi shirt
  6. When you get a call from home informing of your other child getting restless at home
  7. When your baby finally calms down but your dinner has gone cold and everyone is ordering dessert.
  8. When you realize your time out is coming to an end, and you barely had any time to enjoy it.

But when you see that smile dance on your baby’s lips, you know it was worth it!

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